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I'mThe mission of Starfish Aquatics is to reduce drowning and save lives by providing reputable and responsive aquatic safety training programs and services delivered to the public through a network of friendly, knowledgeable aquatic professionals who serve as independent training providers. Melrose adopts this mission and hopes that you take advantage of the opportunity to take part.Lifeguarding can be one of the best and most rewarding opportunities you ever have. It can also be the worst experiece of your life if you don't understand the risks. The goal of the Starguard training program is to help you understand these risks and know the actions you can take to develop a high level of competency.

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Licensed 2-Star Instructor

Matthew Hill

Cell: 602.451.8932

email: Starguard

How to Register?


- Review the "Melrose Course Information" below, 


- Verify that you can meet the pre-requisites and understand the course format


- Choose one of the upcoming courses and ensure that you are not only available for orientation and the face-to-face portions of the course but that you will have sufficient time to complete the self-study, the textbook is 250 pages.


-Email the Instructor your name, DOB, phone number, and desired course

Melrose offers the StarGuard blended training format, ths format is split into three parts




Renewing your lifeguard certification? You take the same course though you may receive a discount StarGuard




The Goal of 0rientation is to prepare student participants to succeed in the self-study portion of the course and know what will be expected of them in the face-to-face portion of the course.During Orientation, course fees are collected, textbooks and online resources are be distributed, pre-requisites are completed and additional questions are answered.


The Course Fee is $150* Cash/Check


Renewing Lifeguards will receive a $30 discount if they have a copy of the StarGuard 4E textbook




- 16 years old or 15 years old with Instructor Approval based on Maturity


- 100 yard head up swim (50 yards including a rescue tube)


- 1 minute treading without the use of hands- Retrieving a submerged minimum 10lb. brick


- Professionalism and Maturity


Instructors hold the right to refuse certification of any StarGuard candidate who does not display the maturity and professionalism to perform the best practices of a lifeguard.


Orientation should last 1-2 hours based on the number of course participants and questions




The Goal of the self-study and web resources along with the textbook is to deliver the knowledge objectives of the StarGuard course and the best practices for lifeguards.


During the time in between the Orientation and In-Water/Face-to-Face training each course participant must complete the self-study portion of the course using the online web resource and textbook.


Included in the course fee is the StarGuard 4E Textbook and a unique key code to access the online web resources. Once the self-study is completed they must email the official verification certificate showing successful completion of the online learning activities in the web resource and bring a printed copy to the face-to-face and final potion of the course.




The Goal of the face-to-face session is for students to meet the skill, attitude and performance objectives of the StarGuard course.


During the last portion of the course experiential activities will be provided to allow course participants for skills practice, corrective feedback, scenario training, and performance evaluation in all five areas of the Starfish risk management model: prevention, surveillance, rescue and response, emergency care, and workplace enviorments.


The face-to-face portion will conclude with a written exam and awarding of a certificate of completion pending the course participant met all competency assessments and scored at least and 80% on the 60 questions written exam.


The Face-to-Face portion of the course will be all day with multiple breaks including a lengthened lunch break. The end time of the class is pending on the number of course participants and their ability level. ***If all cannot be covered in the one day an additional class time may be scheduled to complete the course. In addition, if a lifeguard does not meet competency assessments the intructor may require the participant to work with him individually to aid the participant in completion.***





 Melrose Paradise Recreation Club, Inc., StarGuard, and their instructors do not guarantee that all participants will be awarded certification. We will do all we can but, StarGuard certification requires each participant to successfully complete the web resource, obtain a minimum 80% on the written exam and demonstrate all course competencies. We also do not guarantee employment at/for Melrose Paradise Recreation Club, Inc. or any other aquatic facility.***Those interested in applying to work at Melrose, email

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